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Russell Armstrong Asked for Xanax Days Before Death
Russell's friend Russ, who often appeared on the reality show says Russell's situation was as bad as it gets Russ confessed he gave Russell one xanax pill after seeing him so distraught and days before Russell's death he reportedly asked Russ for a ...
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Two men accused in Internet sex tape scheme
"Flanders would then provide alcoholic beverages that, unbeknownst to the victims, contained Xanax," an anti-anxiety drug. Flanders would then film Callum in sexual acts with the women, the FBI and police said.
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Dietary choices may decrease anxiety
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
Xanax, Klonopin, Ambien, cannabis, fatty or sugary 'comfort' foods, nicotine, wine or beer are all things that may pass our lips in an effort to calm our minds or to help sleep. Why does it seem hard to believe that healthy food choices or dietary ...
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San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
Felony theft charges to be filed in theft of prescription drugs: Broadview ...
Plain Dealer (blog)
The mother said that about 57 of her generic Xanax pills were missing out of a pill bottle in her kitchen cupboard. After some reluctance, the daughter gave police the names of three visitors she had in the home the night before. ...
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Plain Dealer (blog)

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Russell Armstrong Asked For Xanax Before His Suicide |
By Perez Hilton
Another piece of this awful puzzle. According to Russell Armstrong´s longtime friend Russ McCullough, Armstrong was after some serious drugs 3 days before he died. Last week, Russ had dinner...
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